Roland Youngberg

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     Roland Youngberg entered full-time pastoral ministry in the United Methodist Church in 1988. He graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1984, earning a B.S. degree in Biology with a minor in Education. After surrendering to a felt call to ministry, Roland enrolled in seminary in the fall of 1984. In 1988 he graduated from Oral Roberts University School of Theology earning a Masters of Divinity degree. Roland was ordained deacon in 1989 and was ordained elder in 1991. He has served local churches in the Oklahoma Conference ever since.
    Roland’s passion is to help people discover and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He believes that the local church is God’s primary arena to make that happen. In his five appointments, Roland has worked diligently to develop his own relationship with Jesus and to introduce others to him and encourage them to develop their relationship with him. Roland believes strongly in ministry to and with children and youth since most people who become Christians do so at a young age. He actively participates in district camp and in fact that is were he met his wife Jalynn in 1995, who also enjoys ministry with children and youth.
    Mission is also a big part of who Roland is.  He understands that to fully develop our relationship with Christ and become more Christ-like we must put our faith to practice by helping those around us. He was challenged more fully to mission by his wife who was very active as a leader in Youth Force OKC at the time of their marriage. She has served on the design team in just about every capacity including director of several Youth Forces. The Youngberg’s daughter Carly was born in 1997 and even spent a week sleeping in a makeshift bed in a dresser drawer in Walker Hall at OCU during Youth Force week that year.  
    In their appointment at Cherokee, the Youngberg’s encouraged the church there to host a satellite Youth Force that really helped the church there grow. Roland developed a Wednesday after school program for children that is still meeting and blessing kids in that community.
     While at Dewey, the church stepped up to host three Youth Forces one in Dewey and two in Bartlesville. It was here that Roland really grew in his ability to recruit and develop staff, one of whom he recruited there, is now an ordained elder in the Oklahoma Conference.
    Upon moving to Clinton, Jalynn worked a few years as the Christian Education Director, also serving several years as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Children. In 2013, she accepted a position as the Program Director of CASA of Western Oklahoma.  The Youngberg’s also became foster parents and through that process, eventually adopted their son Jason who very much needed a loving home.
    It is a strongly held belief by Roland that to truly become the disciples and to truly develop in your relationship with Jesus one must step up to tithing and beyond. It is his biblical understanding that each of us has a need to give. We were created in the image of God and God is giving. Roland has been intentional to teach stewardship in each of his congregations and to practice tithing to God’s Church throughout his life and ministry    
    Prayer and corporate worship round out Roland’s understanding of discipleship.  He works hard at developing engaging worship services that are meaningful and memorable to help himself and his parishioners grow.
    Youngberg would like to continue serving churches in Oklahoma and looks forward to his next appointment with joy and excitement, hopefully in a church that values doing ministry in its community and around the world. It is his hope it will be in a setting where his wife Jalynn will be able to find meaningful employment helping children in DHS custody find safe and loving homes and where their son Jason will find a good school to attend. Their daughter Carly graduates high school this year and has been accepted at Oklahoma City University, where she will study English and History in preparation for law school.


   February 2019   
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